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Missoula, MT

LineHaul Employees work to live. We understand how important work-life balance is. Living in Montana makes it easy to leave work at work. LineHaul strives to bring the concept of prioritizing career and lifestyle. We believe that health, pleasure, leisure, family and spiritual development is crucial to a healthy and productive workplace. 











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Company Vision:

LHL’s foundation is built on safety first. Our goal is to form long term sustainable relationships with our growing customer base and carrier partners one load at a time. We work as a team every day to provide superior customer service. LineHaul is a company that values its employees, where our open door policy is not just a buzzword. Employee’s ideas and collaboration are critical in our daily operations. We are committed to providing our employees opportunities for growth and advancement. With over 150 years of experience in transportation LHL's team can solve any problem in the industry.